You talk. I listen. We mix-it up. Ideas ignite!


Ideal if you'd like to experience coaching or a follow on session
£75for a single coaching session
  • 90 minutes coaching session
  • Open space to explore creatively and with clarity
  • Face to face or via Zoom
  • Donation to


Ideal if you've identified a particular goal or area to work on
£375 6 coaching sessions
  • 90 minutes coaching sessions
  • Personalised coaching sessions tailored to you
  • Email / WhatsApp support
  • Daily accountability

What is coaching?

As your coach, I create a safe space and open up awareness through considerate and careful questioning to allow you to explore your own thoughts and ideas. I believe you hold the key to your own answers and in finding your own answers you will be intrinsically more likely to take action.

You may come to me with a specific goal in mind or simply wish to explore where you are in life and looking to see whether there is something more on the horizon. With fresh insight and someone holding space for you, you can discover your strengths, values and authenticity and create your life full of meaning and purpose whilst improving your happiness and wellbeing.

How I coach

I’m here for you, 100%. Nothing less. My role is to create and hold the space for you to identify and explore whatever you desire in our coaching sessions and support you without judgment or reservation on your journey. That said I expect the same level of respect and commitment from you. I value people’s time, honesty and autonomy. If I get a sense that you are not committed to the coaching process, I’ll call you out on it.

Hopefully that doesn’t sound arrogant, it isn’t meant to. That said I believe we should be working towards the shared goal of wanting to make a difference. If I am coaching someone who is not holding up their end of our coaching agreement, I am by default missing out on working with someone who does want to make a difference.

Growing a future together

Nature is so important and a huge part of my own wellbeing philosophy. As such 10% from your coaching investment will be used to plant trees around the world to ensure future generations have access to green outside spaces too.

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