My Year No Beer (Week 1)

Well here is the first instalment of My Year No Beer. Last Monday (29/09/2022) I decided to take another break from alcohol after having noticed that it was creeping back into my life and it was starting to rob me of ‘my good life’. Encroaching on various areas, including my sleep, my health, my business and my overall well-being.

I knew it was time to take back control, having seen first hand how much better life was when I wasn’t drinking and how different my life is now a year later after ‘moderating’ with alcohol.

There is a noticeable, tangible difference, I can see and feel it! I am convinced these changes are intrinsically linked to the increased level of alcohol consumption over the past year. I am heavier, slower, less energised and lacking the same level of drive and focus I had previously when I was not drinking.

So My Year No Beer is an opportunity for me to track this time around the positive changes and hopefully at the end of the year have enough proof to convince my subconscious mind that alcohol really offers no benefits and moderating is nothing more than a slippery slope back down the rabbit hole I have just climbed out of.

Useful resources

Pillars of Positivity


  • 7.5 hrs (5 x 90 mins sleep cycles)
  • Light / broken sleep most nights
  • Hard to get out of bed in the morning
  • Feel tired when I wake


  • Ran 11 Km in a week.
  • 10 Km run average speed 5:50 / Km
  • Feel flabby and untoned


  • 73 Kg
  • Varied diet but craving sweet and stodgy foods at times
  • Over indulging with sugar


  • Long walk with friend
  • Tennis with kids
  • Online course over 3 days, lots of new connections


  • Reading (20 mins / day)
  • Meditation (10 mins / day)
  • Running x 1
  • Walking x 1

Clear Thinking

  • Foggy mind at times
  • Easily distracted
  • Forgetful (particularly at start of week)
  • Hard to focus and get in to flow