Staying alcohol free when stressed

My Year No Beer (Week 13)

Yesterday I managed to surf the urge to drink, in what was a stressful situation for me. It was stress that I created in my own mind. For me, in moments like this, it is not easy staying alcohol free when stressed!

We had people over to celebrate a birthday and have lunch with us. There was a few stressful moments including the oven going on the blink!

These incidents were only stressful to me, nobody else batted an eyelid really, but I started telling myself stories about how the whole meal was going to be ruined, people would go home hungry, think badly of us… blah blah blah.

This thinking elevated my stress levels and I had ultimately worked myself up over nothing at all.

In the past having lots of people over and me feeling like a tightly wound spring because something had not gone to plan usually meant I was going to have a drink to settle me down.

I felt like doing that yesterday, a couple of times if I’m honest but I am glad that I didn’t cave in.

I sat with the stress, it all came good in the end, and I managed to keep going on my AF journey.

Man riding a surf board on the crest of a wave with sun setting behind

Question your thoughts that are stressing you out

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation and telling yourself stories where you are catastrophising events in your head and thinking about staying alcohol free when stressed, take a pause and really question what you are saying and if it has any validity.

For me it certainly didn’t hold any validity whatever. Nobody would have gone hungry, even if we had to get food from a restaurant, we would have managed and they certainly would not have thought badly of us. It was all in my head.

Mindfulness can help with catastrophising thinking

If you find yourself catastrophising, mindfulness may be helpful. It can help you recognise which thoughts are irrational and can help you control your thoughts.

It is my mindfulness practice which allowed me to catch myself having those thoughts, recognise them and build in a pause before taking any action. I.e. pouring a beer down my gregory peck! (Neck for those of you reading this who aren’t familiar with Cockney rhyming slang.)

Pillars of Positivity


  • 6 hrs (4 x 90 mins sleep cycles)
  • Sleeping better in general but less
  • Getting up regularly at 5.30am
  • Continuing with my morning routine. (Journaling, exercise, meditation, self-development, business development, etc.)


  • Ran 50 Km in a week.
  • 10 Km run average speed 5:45 / Km.
  • Strength training 3 times during the week


  • 71 Kg.
  • Nutrition is still a bit all over the place
  • Nuts and chocolate seem to be very popular! Maybe it's because I'm burning more calories.


  • Maintaining good connection online.
  • Had quality time with family.
  • Party at the weekend and plenty of opportunity to connect with others. Although I didn't really.


  • Reading (20 mins / day)
  • Meditation (10 mins / day)
  • Running x 6 (stamina & speed improving)
  • Personal development
  • Business development

Clear Thinking

  • Feel like I am more consistent and focussed
  • Feeling positive, optimistic and happy
  • Motivation continues to improve. Achieved a lot this week!
  • Moving out of my comfort zone continually at present to grow and develop my coaching business