Mindfulness helped calm my not drinking fears

My Year No Beer (Week 11)

Week 11. 77 consecutive days off the booze! In this week’s My Year No Beer vlog I talk about how mindfulness helped calm my not drinking fears.

I mentioned the other week in my post about Being An Introvert And Alcohol Free how I was starting to get a little apprehensive about the upcoming weeks leading to the Festive season.

Well yesterday was the first of the social get-togethers in the diary. It had been playing on my mind a bit during the week. Nothing overbearing, but there was a low level anxiety about going off to someone else’s home and meeting new people. I found myself worrying about how it would go since I would not have the possibility to drink to help loosen me up.

I am by nature an introvert and one of my go to default behaviours has been in social settings to drink. It was never a conscious decision, but my subconscious had sussed out that to settle my nerves, alcohol was a good option.

To be fair it worked a treat, when I got into the flow (merry/tipsy and eventually quite often pissed) I would forget my fears and inhibitions and let rip. I generally would have a good time, but as my nerves would start to reappear I’d drink another and by the end of the night I’d be pretty smashed.

Often I would forget the end of the evening, I would wake in the middle of the night feeling anxious and trying to fit the pieces back together and account for any black holes in my memory! In general worrying about whether I’d made a tit of myself or not.

I’ve got a stash of cringeworthy stories in my repertoire illustrating how I’d managed to make a right royal plonker of myself in these kinds of situations. None of which I intend to share today but they serve as a good reminder that drinking certainly isn’t the best option to deal with my nerves.

How mindfulness helped calm my not drinking fears

I no longer think of fear as being bad

Fear presents itself often when we are going out of our comfort zone. The emotion has bad press and generally nowadays when we feel fearful it is accepted and perhaps even expected that we run and hide from it. We usually do this by staying in our comfort zone where we feel safe.

Over the years of self development work I have done with myself and my training as a coach, I have become to realise that fear isn’t a bad emotion, it is actually one of the best markers to indicate to us that we are on the right path for growth and development as a person.

Since I now embrace fear, and hunt it out and look at it in this positive light, it motivates me to use it to take action and no longer be fearful.

I discovered mindfulness can calm my not drinking fears

So this week I pondered why is it that I am uncomfortable about the idea of going to this social get-together and what can I do to enable myself to grow as a person and allow me to accept and perhaps ease the fear.

Mindfulness actually helped calm my not drinking fears. I’ll share with you how.

Firstly, the whole idea of mindfulness, is the idea that we remain present in the moment, the here and now, rather than getting caught up in our thoughts about the past or future.

I’ve been practicing mindfulness and meditation for a few years now, and I have learnt it is a real waste of energy and headspace worrying about events in the future. Life is always in flux, much like the sun, wind and tides which are forever moving, so is life itself. Nothing remains the same and trying to predict the future can cause anxiety and worry by imagining how events will unfurl but in all honesty we have no clue how it will happen until it does.

Mindfulness has allowed me to take a step back when I get caught up worrying about things like going to a social event. Instead of stressing myself out, I am more open to the idea that whatever will be, will be and I’ll deal with it when it is happening.

This allows me to put a bit of space between me worrying and the days leading up to the event.

However yesterday, as we headed off and were in the car, I did feel a little nervous / apprehensive / anxious, or however you wish to label it up, but for me, those emotions ane caused by fear fo the unknown.

I caught myself starting to get a bit jittery and was able to calm myself down by staying present in the moment.

I was able to enjoy the changing scenery as we drove thorugh the countryside. It is autumn here and the colours of the leaves on the tree and even the autumnal glow of the sunlight itself were beautiful and wondrous. So much beauty to see.

I enjoyed listening to and participating in the conversations with the kids in the car. We even stopped en-route and grabbed a little snack from a boulangerie which was a lovely experience. Sitting outside in the sunshine eating a croissant and drinking a freshly brewed coffee.

I really relished being in the moment, taking in the ambience, the heat of the sun on my face, the sound of the traffic rolling by, and the birds chirping away in the trees. The warmth and taste of the coffee and the texture of the flaky buttery croissant. all of my senses were heightened to that moment.

By staying present I was unable to go off worrying about the unknown.

Eventually we got to our destination, we had the best time, I met some new people all of whom were funny, kind natured and a pleasure to be around.

It certainly not how I had started imagining it at the beginning of the week.

This discovery of using mindfulness when I feel fearful about not drinking in social experiences has a real game changer and I hope, if this subject resonates with you in some way it might just help you too.

Pillars of Positivity


  • 6 hrs (4 x 90 mins sleep cycles)
  • Sleeping better in general but less
  • Getting up regularly at 5.30am
  • Continuing with my morning routine. (Journaling, exercise, meditation, self-development, business development, etc.)


  • Ran 50 Km in a week.
  • 10 Km run average speed 5:51 / Km.
  • Strength training 5 times during the week


  • 72 Kg.
  • Weight is on the up!
  • Craving sugar quite a lot at present!
  • Would like to lose a few kilos before Christmas. Need to stop giving in and scoffing those bloomin sweets!


  • Maintaining good connection online.
  • Connection has been higher than usual this week.
  • Enjoyed meeting new people at the weekend.
  • Had quality time with family.


  • Reading (20 mins / day)
  • Meditation (10 mins / day)
  • Running x 6
  • Personal development
  • Business development

Clear Thinking

  • Feel like I am more consistent and focussed
  • Feeling positive, optimistic and happy
  • Motivation continues to improve. Achieved a lot this week!
  • Moving out of my comfort zone continually at present to grow and develop my coaching business