Is anything above 0.0% ok to drink?

My Year No Beer (Week 15)

Here we are, Week 15 of My Year No Beer. I sailed past the 100 days alcohol free mark last week. Onwards and upwards now!

I was chatting with another fellow alcohol free warrior last week about the ever growing choices of alcohol free drinks on the market and whether is anything above 0.0% really alcohol free? The conversation inspired me to share it on my blog today.

There is a vast number of AF beers, wines, champagnes and even gins on the market today but when you read the label you may discover that there is some alcohol contained in the drink.

This in turn may lead to you asking yourself whether it is ok to drink?

Is anything above 0.0% really alcohol free?

Is anything above 0.0% for you?

Now before we go any further, what I am about to share with you is simply my opinion and what works for me on my alcohol free journey, this will be your own call at the end of the day.

You need to decide whether drinking something that has a small amount of alcohol in it (0.1%-0.5%), will be ok for you or not.

Also please note for some people, drinking alcohol free options can be a trigger and cause them to start drinking again, so pay attention on how you feel personally about drinking something that looks and tastes like an alcoholic drink.

Alcohol can be found in other everyday foods and drinks

Back in 2019 when I first took a break from the booze I asked myself this question about whether anything above 0.0% was going to be ok to drink.

Once I started looking into it, I soon learnt that the low levels of alcohol in the drink is so low that you couldn’t drink enough of it to get drunk as your body would break it down and process the alcohol before it could accumulate in your blood stream and cause you to feel woozy.

What really reassured me though was when I discovered where alcohol naturally occurs in other food and drinks.

For example a ripe banana can contain up to 0.5% alcohol. A list of other foods include

  • Breads (burger rolls, rye bread) – between 1.18-1.28%
  • Fruit & Fruit juices (grape, orange, apple) – between 0.04-0.5%
  • Yogurt & Kefir – between 0.05-2%
  • Vinegars (balsamic, champagne, sherry, wine vinegar) – between 0.1-0.4%
  • Mustard and soy sauce – between 1.5-2%

Another one which was a surprise for me was the good old french breakfast staple (well in my house anyway), brioche!

So there you go, you will see that some of those food stuffs actually contain more alcohol than you find in most alcohol free options.

I hope if you’ve been asking yourself is anything above 0.0% really alcohol free? this post may have helped answer the question for you.

See you next week.

Pillars of Positivity


  • 6 hrs (4 x 90 mins sleep cycles)
  • Sleeping better in general but less
  • Getting up regularly at 5.30am
  • Continuing with my morning routine. (Journaling, exercise, meditation, self-development, business development, etc.)


  • Ran 40 Km in a week.
  • 10 Km run average speed 5:55 / Km.
  • Strength training 3 times during the week


  • 71 Kg.
  • Nutrition is still a bit all over the place
  • Nuts and chocolate seem to be very popular! Maybe it's because I'm burning more calories.


  • Maintaining good connection online.
  • Had quality time with family.


  • Reading (20 mins / day)
  • Meditation (10 mins / day)
  • Running x 5
  • Personal development
  • Business development

Clear Thinking

  • Feel like I am more consistent and focussed
  • Feeling positive, optimistic and happy
  • Motivation continues to improve. Achieved a lot this week!
  • Moving out of my comfort zone continually at present to grow and develop my coaching business